Explore how to share your artistic skills with others through the art of teaching and facilitation along with the fringe benefits of an additional income stream to buy paint with or maybe even pay for the next art workshop you want to take!

Draw upon Monique’s Master’s degree in Business Administration, adult education training and knowledge of current andragogical theory & practice so your talent and content expertise can shine in a properly developed & designed workshop.

With a Train-the-Trainer certification and Provincial Instructor Diploma Monique will ensure you’re well-equipped to avoid the common pitfalls of new facilitators like the dreaded “Death by Lecture” and “Death by PowerPoint”…plus, she used to do stand-up comedy so laughter while you’re learning is pretty much guaranteed.

Maybe you’d like to consider developing a longer training course? Let’s make it happen with curriculum design and activities that will effectively attain not only your goals but those of your potential learners…which means they’ll be much more likely to be repeat workshop participants in whatever else you decide to teach too!

Once your workshop is developed, Monique can even come along to co-facilitate or just be there to back you up and help keep things running smoothly while you gain your confidence with your shiny new workshop!