Monique Hurteau Headshot

With 20+ years in business, in a wide variety of industries from the Fine Arts to Film/TV, Monique draws from a diverse range of experience.

An innovator with a keen eye for practicality. Monique works in strategy, leadership, health & wellness, research, Aboriginal affairs, program & policy development, operations, project management, entrepreneurship and, as of the last several years, a variety of areas of the Film/TV industry as well. She’s also a Fine Artist with paintings are in collections across Canada & US including a home featured in Movato Vancouver Home Magazine.

Additionally, Ms. Hurteau has specialized expertise in the areas of surface & undersurface land research & land titles as well as searching (and registration) in various aspects of court registry, personal property registry, corporate registry, research of timber & mining rights, crown grants, easements & right-of-ways, tax & assessment authorities and process serving.

Monique holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Management Consulting from Royal Roads University (RRU) and she acts as a grad advisor to RRU MBA learners. Her master’s consulting project was “A Plan for Developing Physical Activity Programs for Aboriginal Populations – What really works, A guide for success”

A strong believer in lifelong, multifaceted learning, Monique is also a certified personal trainer and has contributed to Chatelaine & IDEA Fitness Journal and, as a past appointed member of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association Fitness Advisory Committee, has taken part in the strategic planning of the BCRPA fitness program and advocacy for fitness leaders.

Monique’s been a professional stand-up comedian too and brings a sense of humour to everything she does. Consulting results in solutions which necessitate varying types and degrees of change. Change can be challenging. Keeping a sense of humour and fun can make the process of change less daunting.

Monique works with individuals, fine artists, private & crown corporations, law firms, mining, forestry, oil & gas, environmental, land developers, surveyors, realtors, notaries public, non-profits, municipal, provincial and federal government and Aboriginal organizations.
The Creative MBA has affiliations with a select number of highly skilled independent business consultants with many years of experience in their fields of expertise.