The Creative MBA delivers innovative strategies with an emphasis on pragmatism and always with an eye to creativity.

The Creative MBA focuses on creative but practical solutions best suited to the unique needs of you or your organization.

The Creative MBA develops real solutions – not just the kind that look good in a report or in a pipe dream after you win the lottery.

The Creative MBA works with you to develop executable strategies to bridge the gap from the here & now to where you truly want to be.

The Creative MBA’s Principal Monique Hurteau MBA is a Fine Artist, Stand-Up Comedian (on hiatus) and personal trainer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and formal training in Adult Education who shares her experience from a wide variety of industries and demystifies some potent tools from the world of business to help people & organizations learn how to creatively identify ways to leverage their own unique set of skills and personal network.

Monique also works in Film/TV as a producer, director & writer as well as business & digital media strategist, social media manager and copywriter for people & projects such as the documentary Chasing Lear and Actor/Director/Producer Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas, Insomnia).