Graphic design in action

Here’s an example of some graphic design for my most recent reversible diptych.

Notice the following graphic design elements at work – Contrast, Repetition, Alignment & Proximity.  There’s also negative space in the upper right section as well. Sometimes less is more.

The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams is a fantastic guide through the key principles to help you make your design the best it can be. Absolutely worth the read.

Open Ended ll

“Open Ended II” (value $2300) will be part of the 2016 ARThritis Soiree.  Find out more about the event and how you can bid on this diptych here.

The Artist Business Toolkit


For emerging & established artists

You’re already creative so here’s the chance to hone your skills in the art of business.

Discover a whole new set of possibilities and creative ways to connect with those you already know or explore how to find those who are out there just waiting to fall in love with what you’re creating!

Learn how you can harness the power of strategic planning and business matrixes to come at the art industry just like a savvy entrepreneur armed with the knowledge of rock-solid business practices.

Workshop Development & Train-the-Trainer

A past training along the path to the creation of The Creative MBA was with Full Circle First Nations Performance to help them develop their TRIBE ALIVE! Youth Theatre Workshop.

A few days after the initial day of workshop development along with some facilitator training, Full Circle premiered their TRIBE ALIVE! workshop where I was on-hand to assist/co-facilitate their new, super-fun workshop at the Gathering Our Voices 2014 event.

“Full Circle ensemble will provide a workshop for youth using theatre games, improvisation and sound and movement. The goals of this workshop are to allow ‘play’ as the means to expression, building confidence, connecting with one another and creating performance in an ensemble collective environment.”

Gathering Our Voices 2014

The BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres & Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

Create Your Own Workshop! 

Are you an artist, Film/TV professional, small business owner or ________? Have a skill you’d like to share with others? Want to create a diversified income stream? Explore your many options!

Draw upon my knowledge of current andragogical theory & practice so your content knowledge & expertise can shine in a properly developed & designed workshop. I’m “Train-the-Trainer” certified and hold a Provincial Instructor Diploma as well so you’ll be well-equipped to avoid common pitfalls of many new facilitators like the dreaded “Death by Lecture” and “Death by PowerPoint” and I used to do stand-up comedy…so laughter is a given.

Maybe you’d like to offer a longer training course? I can work with you to design curriculum and activities to effectively attain not only your goals but those of your potential learners.

Once your workshop is developed, I can even come along to co-facilitate or just be there to back you up and help keep things running smoothly while you gain your confidence with your shiny new workshop!

Check out some of what I do here at the newly launched The Creative MBA, my new documentary Chasing Lear (co-produced with Lorne Cardinal) or pop by the Monique Hurteau Artist FB Page.

I’ll be live painting at Granville Island Public Market in the Federation of Canadian Artists Art Pod (public market entrance closest to Granville Island Stage- Arts Club) Sundays throughout May if you want to come chat about a workshop or anything else for that matter!

Thanks for reading,
Monique Hurteau MBA